The Virtual Girlfriend Experience


Do you want the Online Girlfriend Experience?

I want you to be my boyfriend so I can coddle you, spoil you, give you lots of attention, and of course be intimate with you! I’m Roxy and this is my personal website. I built it with my own two dainty hands.

What’s In It For You?

The exchange of sexual fantasies, some of my naughty stories, morning texts, bedtime texts, 100’s of my nude photos, some shot professionally and others shot with my cell phone. You get to interact with me on a monthly basis for one price.  You’ll get my cell phone number to text me and leave me a sexy voicemail. I can do the same for you. I can write to you flirty, sexy, or sweetheart emails or handwritten letters.   We can connect on Facebook and I can post lovey-dovey messages on your wall if you’d like.  We’ll be in an “online long-distance relationship”. You can show off and brag to your friends. I won’t mind you showing them the nude selfie I sent you. I’ll become your ultimate fantasy and your pretend girlfriend. Your hot virtual girlfriend.

Doesn’t it sound like fun?

You can have me for a solid month and daily contact to provide you with the attention you crave., need, and deserve. Fuck the hookup culture! I’m all about intimacy, finding things in common, behaving like a naughty girl for your attention, sweetheart names, and allowing you to be in control of our “relationship”.




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