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Hi! I’m Roxy! I’m a lot like the typical “Girl Next Door” at least on the “outside”. I work, have lots of friends, and I am close to my family. I’m educated, intelligent, funny, witty, and usually quick-witted. Sometimes I am a cocky little smart ass. But if you look up the word “authentic” in a Thesaurus you’ll find the descriptive words to mean: bona fide, credible, trustworthy, legit, official, dependable, a matter of fact, and so forth. The descriptions fit me well. I’m 100% authentic.

I’ve been called “the perfect girlfriend” by all of my real-life Ex’s. Why? Because I never fake my personality. I am incredibly kind, supportive, negotiable, open-minded, sensual, and always put my boyfriends first. When I am in a relationship it becomes a partnership. No matter what, you kind of have to give up your complete “independence” to become a “partnership”. And there lie my problems as a girlfriend… I am too independent in the end. I like my own freedom and space.  I’m not seeking long term commitments. Many of my boyfriends have been too clingy which is one of my major pet peeves.

I also have this urge in me to meet more people, I enjoy the probing of minds. The meeting of minds. Connecting with others. I have found this works out best for me in long-distance “relationships” and keeping my “boyfriends” online only. I keep my freedom but I can still have the intimacy that I crave. Maybe you are like me? Or maybe you just haven’t found the right person? Perhaps you just got divorced and want something with no strings attached. Maybe you want a woman in your life but not in your house! I get it. I truly do.

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